For healthy options, I enjoy four restaurants in the area.

The Elderberry House • 5 star (dated design) but incredible local fare, prepared well. (in Oakhurst)

South Gate • A great spot if you’re looking for a brewery that serves grass-fed and kombucha. (In Oakhurst)

Majestic Lodge Dining Room • When we’re actually in Yosemite Park, we’ll often grab a bite at this famous dining room. (In Yosemite)

The Alley • If you’re looking to grab a drink, hear live music, and meet the locals, this is the watering hole to head to! (In Mariposa)

The Grove House • Tiny watering hole where you can meet the locals.


Cooking is by far the way to go up here! It allows you to connect deeper with mother nature by preparing her local, organic, mineral rich produce! When we are off to the park, river, or hike, we’ll often pack a picnic.

High Country Health Food & Cafe •  A tiny health food store that carries organic groceries & produce (Mariposa)

Mariposa Farmers Market •  May-October • Wednesday’s 5-6:30p (Mariposa)

Raw Roots Organic Farm • March-December • CSA pick up locations (in Cathey’s Valley)

Merced Farmers Market • If you’re driving through Merced, this farmers market is year-round, Saturdays 8a-12p (Merced)

Whole Foods • If you’re driving in through Fresno, there is a Whole Foods (Fresno)


We’re so lucky to be staying in the heart of hiking territory with all of the trails around the house alone!

Briceburg River Walk • My dog, Barley, and I tend to walk this path barefoot year-round. It follows my all-time favorite River. We’ll usually dip down for a cold plunge along our walk when water-levels permit!


April-September is the best time for swimming at the Forest Retreat House. We have some of the best swimming holes after the snow-melt from Yosemite and an incredible river!

Hornets Nest • Set “The Bug Hostile” in your GPS. Park in their parking lot. Then ask someone working there to tell you how to reach the watering hole. Has a waterfall.

Briceburg Bridge • This is my favorite spot to swim the Merced River. Simply drive and pick a hole you like. Take a picnic! (In Mariposa)

The Octagon • A super secret swimming hole that all of my friends and I would ditch high-school to go swim at! (In Mariposa)

Tenaya Lake • (in Yosemite Park)

Cathedral Lake Hike • (in Yosemite Park)


I’ve listed all of the healers and wellness spaces that I rotate between when I am up here! You’ll want to set up your appointments in advance before your stay.

Studio M Yoga for all of my yoga. $16

Olga for massage $75 for 60mins

Sara hidalgo is an Esalen trained massage therapist $75

Jack Caraco for acupuncture $85 first session and $65 after (cash or check only)

Dr Roberts for chiropractic $45 a session

Michalene Seiler homeopath that healed my insulin resistance & and blood sugar imbalance